Fotografía de Gerardo


President / Founder

Entrepreneur by default

Focused on financial inclussion, payment methods and massive programs for microfinance. Always standard-bearer for technology as a differentiator for financial solutions.

In 1996, he started his way on Fintech. In 1999, he founded “El Camino Transferencias Inc” in San Diego, CA, USA. He secured a round of capital which lead to a growth among 14 states around USA. In 2008, stepped in as the CEO of Adelante Financial.

In 2012 he created Mi Adelanto, a hand-in-key solution for real-time cash advances with an alliance as an issuer with Mastercard.

In 2017, he launched an issuance and processing platform for payment methods via Debit, Credit and Prepaid cards –Cacao Paycard Solutions-. Today, Cacao is a principal member of both brands, Visa and Mastercard, for card issuance in México and Latin America.

In 2020, Cacao positions itself as a market leader for issuance programs for payment methods.